Education is the single most important factor in establishing a foundation for future success. Specialized knowledge is vital to one’s ability to excel – whether operating in a Fortune 500 corporate environment, a family-owned business, or as a self-employed entrepreneur.

us-education-1Globalization of business has put working men and women in direct competition with their peers around the world. It has also created productive partnerships, rewarding business alliances, and unprecedented new opportunities.

The United States presently has thousands of schools and colleges with millions of students either enrolled or seeking enrollment. US.Education is an easy launch point for identifying colleges or academic institutions that may be of interest to you in your quest for the right school.

The goal of US.Education is to evolve our website into a leading information and resource center for students and their families. Many major American universities are listed here along with thousands of community colleges and trade schools offering various training programs, certifications and degrees. US.Education plans to also provide a database of America’s many public and private schools K-12 in a convenient online reference format.