The Distractions of College Life

college-studyParties, music, video games, dating, road trips, social groups, fraternities, sororities. It’s actually a long list. College life for many students consists of scheduled classes and daytime or nighttime studying. The space in between might be filled with part-time work, but also quite possibly a myriad of distractions.

College life is exciting. There is no other time in life quite like it. College life most definitely does not mirror the rigid structure of the daily work world. Beginning college and staying on track in the first year requires personal discipline and an awareness of how college life’s many distractions can interfere with academics.

Plugging into college fun is typically the easy part. Achieving a true balance between academics and everything else is often a skill that is acquired over several semesters. Study habits become very important for most all college students because those who build their college career on “cramming” the night before a test will run the risk of serious academic underperformance if not academic failure.

So, being committed to academic achievement needs to be a deliberate personal choice. How you go about honoring this goal is completely up to you. Having a plan for studying every day is a strategy that works for a majority of college students. This daily time allotment for studying will yield tremendous benefits to one’s GPA and peace of mind.